Dataset Topic Category Contributors

by Ginger Tsueng

In order to improve the aggregation, search, and filtering capabilities for Resources, we created a topicCategory field which could be populated via classification algorithms. While the LitCovid provided mappable categories which could be used for training data for publications, obtaining training data for other resource types was not as straightforward. To address this issue, a volunteer (Benjamin Rush) created a citizen science app which was available at until this issue was resolved.

The following individuals helped to classify datasets by topic for and have consented to being publicly acknowledged for their contributions.
-Benjamin Rush
-Sideris Nikolaos
-Niki Hartman
-Tom Adams
-Steffany Beltran
-Jack McMillan
-Kien-pong yap
-Nitya Bhaskaran
-Allison Guevara Martinez
-Lauren Nitahara
-Dawn J Galletly
-Sandra Täht
-Stella Pearson

We thank everyone listed above (and those who prefer to remain anonymous) for their contributions. We are grateful for their efforts in generating training data for categorizing resources on our site.